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Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Very Narrow and Immature TV and Radio Stations

I find it very strange that on our DSTV service we have approximately 200 stations and not one deals with the visual arts other than a very occasional reference. SABC services are no better.
An Arts talk-show on one of our many radio stations would be warmly and enthusiastically received by a large and programme-starved Arts community, but it is like listening to SETI. Silence with the odd crackle.
I have written to these stations on this matter a number of times and not even static in response.
Almost as strange is Music content our stations. One has to wonder if the powers that be believe that all they need to cater for is those with a mental age of below 15?
Do they ever wonder about how many 15 year old's pay the rather bloated TV license fees and horrific DSTV monthly payments?


Art with Liz said...

Very true!

Crystal Rassi said...

Our awesome radio show that isn't directed to minds under the age of 15 years is called CBC Radio and I love it! It includes narratives, a variety of music that doesn't include repulsive sexual comments or annoying beats, and up to date artist's functions and interviews. Seriously - this is a great channel and I would be sad to see it go. We do need more of these stations in the world.

John Smith said...

You are so fortunate Crystal.
How I envy you. We have nothing like that we can tune in to here.