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John Smith
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Learning to walk

I really am not too sure whether I want to be doing this - that is having a blogsite at all. The truth of it is I feel I want to spend less time at the PC and as soon as one starts writing stuff with it becomes a responsibility. My core function is as an artist and that is where I most want to be, but I cannot deny that I love writing as well and the writing that most excites me is sort of investigative and thought provoking writing.
These are the first lines of many and now I've started there will no doubt be plenty more, but alas its very late now, just before midnight to be exact, so I will leave this for now and come back to it as soon as time allows and try and learn how to be a little more professional and proficient at doing this thing. Sleep well. Till next time...


Carol Lee Beckx said...

Hi John
Welcome to the world of blogging - good luck

John Smith said...

Thanks Carol