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John Smith
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Am I strange or peculiar?

I sometimes  wonder if we have progressed at all since the days of the Roman gladiators, and feeding Christians to the lions? Why is it when I see people cheering at bullfights  I get this huge feeling of elation when the bull turns the tables on the Matador and does to him what he is trying to do to the hapless bull?
Why do I not see the Matador as a brave gladiator but a cruel heartless sadistical fool and bully?

If we have to eat meat then dispatch the animal in the most humane way possible. Why do humans with supposedly more than the minimum of required brain capacity have to torture the beasts? I feel nothing for the hunter when the tables are turned and they are eaten or maimed.

I was at a farm once when my well meaning host felt he was doing me a huge favour by setting up a hunting party, and was quite astounded when I declined his offer. He then declared that I should prove that I am a man by shooting a buck. I wasn't impressed by his rather skewed reasoning and said I did not feel it necessary to prove my manhood by blowing-away a defenceless beast with a high-powered rifle with telescopic sights. If he or his friends felt it necessary  to prove 'their manhood' in some such way, then they should go hunt a lion armed with a knife or spear. That would even the odds and raise the claim for their braveness and manhood?
As an artist I explained,  "I am a creator and not a destroyer!" I would leave the destroying  to them if they considered that important and was the only way they could manage their blood-lust.
I was considered quite odd and possibly not really a man by them. Few that know me would agree with that sentiment, and I do understand that at times it is necessary to kill when there is danger, and sadly when it is necessary to cull animals for one reason or another, but I cannot see any manliness in killing animals unnecessarily, or worse still torturing them such as in bullfighting and then calling it 'sport'.   I shouldn't imagine the animals consider it sport at all.
                                                                                                                                                               We do live in a strange world where science is forging ahead leaps and bounds and where we are getting ever closer to the discovering the very essence of  our being, and the very fabric of life, while other areas of our society remain firmly in the dark ages.
Am I alone in seeing things this way?


Nicole said...

I agree - but it is a man thing. My sons have been promised to go hunting for a while now and they are quite looking forward to it. But I am almost certain, if I know them as I do, that they will find it a hollow victory - and the memory might taunt them... But who knows - maybe they will love it and tell me I never bought up sissy's? Will keep you posted :)

Art with Liz said...

Hi John and thanks for echoing my sentiments exactly. I even dislike horse racing and the need to put those horrible pieces of steel in those beautiful animals mouths. I am a number one Bunny Hugger!